Welcome to Freeport Industries

A leading domestic manufacturer of pizza and bakery boxes since 1955. Initially based in Brooklyn, NY, we expanded our ‘passion’ for printed boxes’ in 1999 by moving to our current state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Islip, NY. We are proud to say that we design and produce all boxes in the USA at our home site in Central Islip.

Our History

We began our operations in 1955 in Brooklyn, with a few employees and one basic box-printing machine. We established our company as a “one-stop pizza box shop,” offering all ranges of pizza box products as well as low volume requirements for custom print orders. We have earned our reputation as industry leaders by providing establishments with competitive priced quality boxes and personalized service.

Today, we service the needs of companies throughout the United States,  Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with pizza and bakery boxes, specialty boxes, paper plates and a variety of the paper goods.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is basic and straightforward: “Customer satisfaction”. All our employees from our top executives, sales people, manufacturing worker, customer service and delivery drivers are dedicated to provide unique and personal service.

Our Products

Freeport Paper Industries offers pizza boxes and bakery boxes as well as specialty boxes in all sizes, corrugated, B-flute, E-flute, White, Kraft and all range of “Ultra Clay” boxes. Both Clay and corrugated boxes are available plain, stock and custom printed. And with growing environmental concerns, we have introduced the “Green Pizza Box,” certified as 100% recycled paperboard with no white coloring, bleach or any other solvent-based dyes enhancements. The Green Pizza Box positively impacts the environment and preserves the earth’s natural resources.

Pizza Boxes

Bakery Boxes

Going Green

In response to growing environmental concerns, Freeport Paper is introducing the ‘Green Pizza Box’. This box is certified as 100% recycled paperboard, with no white coloring, bleach or any other solvent based dye enhancements. Adopting the Green Pizza Box helps to positively impact the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources.